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SportZing provides a robust set of features to make it easy for referees to find, accept, and complete game assignments. SportZing is FREE for all referees and enables you to participate in leagues and tournaments that use the SportZing solution.

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SportZing provides the most advanced and robust tools available today for assignors. Manage all of your assigning activities with the easy to use SportZing system.

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ParticipateAs a member of SportZing, you can easily find, join, and participate in local, regional, or national leagues and tournaments. Many details are available about each organization and the their events.


AvailabilitiesYour online SportZing calendar and availability tools can even show your non-soccer related activities, making it easy to submit availabilities on the actual dates and times that you are available.


AssignmentsAll of your assignments are available to you 24 hours a day. Simply log in to review, accept, decline, or turnback your assignments. SportZing keeps a record for you of every game you've worked.

Game Reports

Game ReportsEasily submit game reports online. SportZing even fills out most of the form for you! The scores you submit are reflected in the league's live standings. Download and print your reports at any time.